Open Leadership Communication Raises Worker Productivity

As a professional communicator, I’m always curious about how people are communicating [or not], especially in the workplace.  These days, the world just seems out of whack to me, and I wondered how the really odd vibe that’s permeating our society right now might be affecting people who don’t make their living in my field.  Do they even think about communication in their workplace?  So I asked.  I asked a group of regular folk just trying to live their lives.  All were people that I know at least by a distant connection, some by close connection.  And  a bunch of them told me.  No wild relevations, but common sense confirmation of what I intuitively and professionally know – straight from the source.

The bottom line – today’s worker are sophisticated.  They’re paying attention at work. They want to do a good job and they know if they’re being snowed by Management.  They’re also fair.  64% of my respondents said their workplace leaders are communicating with them on at least a semi-regular basis, and that there is some opportunity for an interactive discussion.  A majority appreciate that their leaders are making some effort to communicate, but only a very small percentage believes that their leadership is being completely honest with them.  71% said their workplace is going through a major change now or has in the last nine months -71%!!  Nothing is stable and an environment of continual change breeds stress — and stress equates to productivity loss!

61% reported that open communication from leadership definitely increases their ability to focus and be productive.  Another 21% said that partial or one-way communication could cause confusion about what they really should be doing.  Only 18% said managment communication didn’t matter in getting their job done.   Seems pretty obvious that having open, two-way dialog with integrity can give a big productivity boost – and that directly impacts the bottom line.  Why aren’t all leaders doing this?  An attitude of ‘do more with less’, ‘be glad you have a job at all’, or ‘just trust me to tell you what’s best’ just doesn’t cut it in the modern workplace.  You want smart employees?  Best to treat them that way.

To request a copy of the findings report [it’s short], email me at kstershic@dialogrc.com

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