Case in point…

Further to yesterday’s post, I learned last night from a friend of mine that he was verbally instructed by his VP some months back to push his staff as hard as he could because in this economy, they wouldn’t have anywhere to go. People are demoralized from being told that at a 60-hr work week, including Saturdays, they’re just not working hard enough.  They’re told by the senior leader that their work isn’t good enough.  Lay-offs and demotions came anyway. While economics may be forcing sub-optimal working realities, berating and exploiting an organization’s most valuable resource – people – is not an effective way to get through tough times and be well positioned for the upside.  Plotting for the great escape is in full swing.  Leaders – please LEAD.

1 Response to “Case in point…”

  1. 1 Lucie Newcomb
    November 4, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Thanks, Kathy, for your incisive remarks today and yesterday. More than ever, we are called to engage employees for both short- and long-term collective advantage. One of the key learnings in this Info/IT Age of accessibility is that Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing can and does work “in reverse” – surely employees are an organization’s first “market” and serves the litmus test of what customers can expect, sooner or later.

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