Wow, it’s Thanksgiving again. A year that’s been undeniably the most challenging of my life now is gone in a flash and here I am facing ‘the holiday’ season when we’ve barely even had autumn rain.  I don’t feel inclined. However, I love the day before Thanksgiving because it’s always on the cusp of an ‘important event’ and a good time.  I stop working by mid afternoon and head to the kitchen.  Like many things, the anticipation can be better than the reality. Today I find myself in an anticipatory and reflective mood wondering what, after the heart-breaking loss of a sibling, a surgery, the decimation (and partial resurgence) of my financial portfolio and the worst work market in decades, do I really have to be thankful for?  And I am amazed at the abundance of the list.  Not one for schlock, I won’t pontificate on my 100 best things of this year, but I’m feeling a shift and I know they’re there – in personal and professional life. While so many people are ‘spinning’ in the workplace and fear is still dominating the environment, I’m feeling more clear than ever on staying the course, trusting in my skills, experience and gut, and knowing that I have something of real value to offer.  The blessing of this year is learning through painful change, understanding what really matters, and not letting the bastards get you down.  For this, I am truly grateful.  Now go eat some bird.

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