what’s next for the net?

Gosh, even using the term ‘the net’ feels arcane to me.   It’s been a dozen+ years since the internet has become integral to my daily existence; and now of course I’m chained to the Blackberry. The evolution of this information channel has been a tremendous experiment in commerce, communication, education, health, enrepreneurship, community, entertainment, value-shaping and value-reflection – all in a pretty free, open way – and it’s worked incredibly well.  There is a whole generation now that was not aware of a world before the internet.  We’re familiar with it, comfortable with it, productive with it – as it is.  And plenty of people have made – and continue to make – plenty of money from it.  It’s been a domain of equal footing, and it’s worked really, really well that way.

The net neutrality rules proposed by the FCC in October seem to me a great way to retain the fairness and limitless potential of this playing field.  Why change what works for everyone to benefit a narrow few?  If you agree, please consider signing the petition at savetheinternet.com.  I just can’t imagine any other way for the internet to be. Genies don’t go back into bottles.

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