newsweek links worker reinvention & changes for employers in 2010

Here’s more support for my post back in early November [see: doing nothing isn’t really an option] on the need for leaders to keep leading and openly communicating even in the trough of the recession and work squeeze.  Today, Newsweek confidently predicts that in 2010  —  “All of the people hanging on to their jobs because they were too scared to move in the recession will take new jobs. The millions of people who are unemployed will start to get hired. We’ll see incredible turnover, and companies will have to start taking care of people again. I think more and more people will be transitioning to careers where they acquire a set of transferable skills rather than expertise in a specific industry. ”    A few days ago, Liz Anne Sonders of Charles Schwab also reconfirmed her earlier prediction of a good uptick in the job market by mid-year.  I see so many people who are burned out and now becoming angry at the too stressful work conditions that have been imposed on them over this extended downturn.  As exhaustion mounts and these glimmers of hope spread out into the workplace, expect a turn in employee sentiment.  Now more than ever, setting a positive vision and actively, frequently, and consistently communicating will help leaders safely turn this corner and hold on to many of those who may be thinking it’s time for a change to greener pastures.  Having to hire and ramp a lot of new employees will impose an undue financial and productivity burden just at a delicate turning point where preparation and unity can make the difference in who’s going to succeed out of the dark days and who isn’t. 

Newsweek article on reinventing yourself in the 2010 workplace: http://www.newsweek.com/id/228562

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