a sorry lot

This morning’s headline of Tracy Morgan’s apology to Nashville for offensive remarks has just put me over my tolerance. Every week there is some new apology from a shame-faced public figure – some weeks, more than one.  The list of ‘sorry’ politicians is long – congressmen, senators, governors, even the ridiculous corruption of D.C. city management. Then there are the actors and performers, such as Mr. Morgan and many others of recent repute. (Of course Charlie Sheen is the notable exception – he offends many and apologizes for nothing.) What has happened to integrity? Where has self control gone?  Who are our role models these days, and what are they teaching kids as well as adults?  These people seem to be sorry only when they’re caught. Then they stand in front of the cameras, tearful and contrite, asking forgiveness. Surely the public must show compassion… And then some other fool pops up in the headlines, his ego shocked that he actually was fallable. I am just tired of hearing one pitiful apology after the next – public apology has become meaningless.  It is really time for leaders and those in the spotlight to manage their egos and realize that their actions extend farther than themselves. OK, I’m sorry but me and my high horse have to ride out of town now…

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