The Economist Intelligence Unit, with backing from Booz Allen Hamilton, has just published the CyberPower Index, an index of G20 countries’ ability to withstand cyber attacks and to “deploy the digital infrastructure necessary for a productive and secure economy.”  On the one hand, I suppose this report can serve as a wake-up call, as it exposes legal/regulatory, economic and technical vulnerabilities that these countries need to address. I can see it being influential to investors looking for safe international opportunities. But on the other hand, it seems a bit provocative, maybe even mean-spirited, to point out who is most vulnerable, and why. Like telling a burgular which house is empty and where the goods are.  The Index is backed by research papers, which Booz describes as “examining how the business community is responding to the opportunities and challenges offered by cyber.” This covers how organizations and governments can build cyber resilience, particularly in an era of mobile computing. I’m sure this is a way for Booz to sell consulting services, but such a tactic seems a bit over the top to me. I’d welcome any insights and discussion on why this is a good thing.

1 Response to “Exposed”

  1. 1 Jean Gordon Kocienda
    March 7, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    This is an interesting graphic. I suspect that a high level snapshot of whether a country has a robust legal/regulatory system to deal with cyber issues, and whether in general it can be said to have sufficient technology infrastructure, is not giving valuable secrets away to the bad guys. Rather, it might act as a “name and shame” tool (in the same way that Transparency International, for example, calls out corrupt states). It might help get a dialogue going, either internationally or among national interest groups, toward building better cyber awareness and damage control capabilities.

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