Cyberspace is the New Front Line

So the Chinese are hacking our defense, government and corporate digital data, and trying to make it look like the Indians did it.  This week’s news revealed that officials in the US and the UK believe China has been aggressively undertaking highly sophisticated and often multi-stage attacks to steal information on pretty much anything it wants – and in a particular recent instance, went to great lengths to make it look like the government of India was behind it. It is extremely difficult to detect and trace these attacks, and the pool of brainpower who can do this difficult work is narrow.  I heard a story on the radio last night in which a Chinese hacker was quoted as saying ‘information on the Internet wants to be free’.  Really? Digital content behind strict firewalls is not just hanging out on the Internet waiting to be plucked. The hacker said the Chinese government’s position was that such activity would be illegal, but it’s becoming pretty well known that they actually sponsor a lot of it.  Yet call it out and they’re  just SHOCKED and deeply offended that they would be victimized yet again through such vile accusations.  Get over it. It is time for the U.S. government to get very tough on this issue. For those who worry that our next physical war could be with the Chinese, I don’t think that’s very likely. Cyberspace is the new front line, and so far, we’re losing the battle.

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