Clowns to the Left of Me, Drones to the Right…?

Interesting time as always at last night’s gala Media Predicts: 2014 (#MP14) – where Silicon Valley PR folk hobnob with tech media elite. Always fun to hear next year’s predictions, catch a little gossip, and look back at what predictions were way off base last year! Shout out to PRSA Silicon Valley for putting on this event – it’s a lot of work and always well done.

One of the hot discussion topics was Amazon’s drone delivery vision – while Bezos went on 60 Minutes last Sunday to describe what he sees as feasible by 2015, a Monday faux news story had floated that such delivery was imminent – it got yuks for the best PR stunt of the week. Still, the visionary Bezos sees this as in the realm of the possible in the not too distant future. Who knows if it will be, but the very idea of it begs policy consideration on multiple levels, and fast.

Seriously, commercially owned flying objects buzzing around my house – or my head? Will have to start carrying a baseball bat! Someone at last night’s event joked about would people have the right to shoot down aircraft that invaded their property without permission. Would the FAA have to regulate? Will we have sky ‘roads’ when competing vendors start sending their little buzzies at the same time? What happens to my UPS guy? I like him!

Futuristic silliness, probably – or is it? As we all know, technology changes quickly and DC has a very hard time keeping up. Consider this advanced warning.

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